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Not Without My Family Teasers November 2018

Not Without My Family Teasers November 2018

Not Without My Family Teasers November 2018

Coming up on Not Without My Family this November 2018:
Thursday 1 November 2018

Episode 2184
The Singhanias and the Maheshwaris decide to break a clay pot on the occasion of Janmashtami. Meanwhile, Akshara suspects Nannu and follows him to find the truth.

Episode 2185
Akshara tells Varsha about Nannu’s strange behaviour. Vivaan asks Gayatri to confess her love to Kartik. Later, Naira apologises to Kartik. Nannu confronts Varsha for spying on him.
Friday 2 November 2018

Episode 2186
Nannu lies to Shaurya about the drug peddler. Meanwhile, the Singhanias and the Maheshwaris do a puja on Janmashtami. Later, Nani confronts Nannu about his drug addiction.

Episode 2187
Nani falls from the stairs when she goes to tell the family about Nannu’s drug addiction. While searching for Nannu; Kartik finds the drug injection and tells Naira about it. The doctor tells the family that Nani is critical.
Not Without My Family Teasers November 2018
Saturday 3 November 2018
Episode 2188
Nannu escapes when Naira tells Akshara about his drug addiction. Some goons threaten him for money and try to stab Kartik. Later, Nannu comes clean about his drug addiction in front of the family.

Episode 2189
Nannu confesses to the family about his drug addiction. Sunaina apologises to Akshara. Later, the doctor informs the Maheshwaris about Nannu’s health condition.

Monday 5 November 2018

Episode 2190
Rajshri tells Sunaina that they have to send Nannu to a rehab centre. Nannu apologises to Varsha for his mistake. Later, Nannu leaves for the centre.

Episode 2191
Kartik helps Naira to make a presentation after she finds him in Naitik’s cabin in the office. Meanwhile; Naksh tells the family about the Lord Ganesh puja in the house.
Tuesday 6 November 2018

Episode 2192
The Singhanias bring Lord Ganesh’s idol home. Amidst the celebration, Akshara senses that something bad is going to happen to her family. Meanwhile, as Naitik is returning home, a threatening danger looms over his life!

Episode 2193
The family learns the news of Naitik’s homecoming, during the Ganpati puja. While everyone is rejoicing, Akshara is, however, worried about Naitik. Why? 
Wednesday 7 November 2018

Episode 2194
Gayu decides to participate in a designer watch exhibition. Meanwhile, the family is excited about Naitik’s arrival. Will Naitik show up at the Sighania House?

Episode 2195
Akshara scolds Naitik for not returning home with Naman. Meanwhile, Naman asks his associates to keep an eye on Naitik. Will Naitik learn about Naman’s misdeeds?
Thursday 8 November 2018

Episode 2196
Akshara suspects Naitik and Naman of hiding something. Meanwhile, Naman learns something about Karthik. He then lies to Naira. Will Naira believe him?

Episode 2197
Naman seeks Naira’s help to rescue Naitik. Later, Akshara asks Naman to spend some time with Mishti and Karishma; while Naira decides to spy on Kartik.
Friday 9 November 2018

Episode 2198
Naira tricks Kartik in order to take pictures of the documents. Later, Naman decides to take a drastic step; while Akshara calls Naitik and asks him to come home.

Episode 2199
Akshara is relieved to receive a messsage from Naitik. Is Naitik in danger as Naman has a plan against him.
Saturday 10 November 2018

Episode 2200
The Singhanias have Ganesh puja. Akshara, Naira and Gayatri dance on the special occasion. Later, Karishma suspects Naman of some wrongdoing, while Akshara worries about Naitik’s safety.

Episode 2201
Naman assures Akshara that he will go to Kenya and bring Naitik back. Later, Naitik is found lying unconscious on the floor. Meanwhile; Naira; Naksh and Kartik decide to accompany Gayatri to Switzerland for her exhibition.

Monday 12 November 2018
Episode 2202
Naira decides to spy on Kartik to learn about his plan. The Singhanias immerse the Ganesh idol in a tank. Meanwhile; Naman blames Naitik for being unfair to him and attacks him after Naitik slaps him.

Episode 2203
Naksh tells Akshara that officials from the food department will be visiting their restaurant. Akshara decides to go to Switzerland. Later, Kartik; Naira and Gayatri reach Zurich.
Tuesday 13 November 2018

Episode 2204
Naitik feels sad thinking about Akshara. Naman tells his associate about his plan against Naitik. Naira searches Kartik’s bag for the evidence; while Kartik daydreams about spending some romantic time with Naira.

Episode 2205
Naira steals Kartik’s cell phone to find a clue. Akshara reaches Zurich and feels dejected thinking about Naitik. Later, she gets worried when a stranger tells her that he found Naitik’s wristwatch at the Zurich airport. 
Wednesday 14 November 2018

Episode 2206
Naira, Gayatri and Kartik meet Akshara in Zurich. Naira tries to cheer up Akshara on seeing her upset. Later, she suspects Kartik’s intention and follows him. Akshara finds Naman in Zurich.

Episode 2207
Kartik suspects Naman and tells Naira that a huge amount has been transferred from Naitik’s account to an unknown one. Naman and Naitik are to attend a meeting at a location; unaware that Gayatri’s exhibition will also be held there.
Thursday 15 November 2018

Episode 2208
Naitik confronts Naman. Akshara calls up Naksh and asks him to go to Kenya to find out about Naitik. Meanwhile; Naira apologises to Kartik for suspecting him.

Episode 2209
Naman takes Naitik to the meeting; while Akshara feels the presence of Naitik around her. Meanwhile; Gayatri asks Naira to apologise to Kartik. Meanwhile; will Naitik and Akshara meet outside the castle?
Friday 16 November 2018

Episode 2210
Naman’s goons capture Naitik. Naman lies to Akshara about Naitik’s whereabouts. What will happen to Naitik? Will Akshara reach him before any harm is done to him?

Episode 2211
Rukmini finds out that Rose is pregnant and announces a party. Meanwhile; Akshara follows her heart and finds a clue that suggests that Naitik is closeby. She calls Kartik for help realises when she realises the truth about Naman.
Saturday 17 November 2018

Episode 2212
Kartik finds out that Naitik is in Zurich; while Rukmini is excited about becoming a great grandmother. Kartik; Naira; Gayatri and Akshara fight Naman’s men and rescue Naitik. Will Akshara and Naitik forgive Naman?

Episode 2213
Naitik and Akshara end all ties with Naman. Later Naitik, Naira and Akshara spend some time with family. Naira apologises to Kartik for suspecting him.

Monday 19 November 2018
Episode 2214
Kartik confesses his love to Naira but she runs away. Later, on the flight back to India; he tries to convince Naira about his love for her while Akshara and Naitik are glad to be together.

Episode 2215
The Singhanias anxiously wait for Naitik’s return. But he is worried about facing them and revealing the truth. Naira; Gayu and Kartik reach the house first but do not talk about what happened. How will the family react?
Tuesday 20 November 2018

Episode 2216
Naitik and Akshara enter the house together, while Mishti asks them about Naman. Karishma confronts them about Naman. Later, the Singhanias are shocked to hear about Naman’s misdeeds.

Episode 2217
Naman meets Mishti before being taken away by the police. Meanwhile; Varsha forbids Kuhu from going to the rock concert. Later, Naira feels anxious about Kartik’s proposal. 
Wednesday 21 November 2018

Episode 2218
The family celebrates Naitik’s return. Kartik eagerly waits for Naira’s reply. Meanwhile; Naitik and Akshara spend some romantic time together. Later, Karishma makes a shocking announcement.
Episode 2219
Naitik goes to the office to get his medicines. He decides to hide his health condition from his family. Later, Kartik finds Naitik distressed.
Thursday 22 November 2018
Episode 2220
Kartik and Naira join Naitik; Akshara and Gayu for dandiya. Later, Akshara feels jealous as Naitik starts dancing with another woman. Meanwhile; Kartik asks Naira for her answer. What will it be?
Episode 2221
Akshara and Gayu scold Naira for fighting with Kartik. Later, Naira gets a call telling her that Kartik hasn’t reached home. Without telling anyone; she goes in search of Kartik. Will she find him?
Friday 23 November 2018

Episode 2222
Kartik plans to quit the job. Later, Naitik and his family arrive at the Maheshwari Mansion to discuss about Naitik’s plan for Gayu and Kartik.

Episode 2223
Naira becomes hysterical when Kartik refuses to help her. Meanwhile; Akshara realises that Mishti shouldn’t leave; but will she be able to stop her?
Saturday 24 November 2018

Episode 2224
Kartik decides to delay resigning from his job at the Singhanias. Meanwhile; Naira has second thoughts about Kartik’s proposal.

Episode 2225
Naira is thinking about Kartik when she notices that the dress given by him is meant for her. How will Naira admit to her feelings?

Monday 26 November 2018
Episode 2226
Naira realises about her feelings for Kartik in dire circumstances. Later, she decides to confess her love to him.

Episode 2227
Kartik joins the Singhanias during the Karva Chauth celebrations. Later, Naira is shocked to sees Gayu performing the rituals in front of a photo!
Tuesday 27 November 2018

Episode 2228
Naira is glad to see Bua Dadi; but is scolded by her for talking rudely with Gayu. Meanwhile; Rama finds out about Naira’s affection for Kartik.

Episode 2229
Naira is delighted to learn that Kartik’s flight has been delayed and decides to meet him. Meanwhile; Kartik’s boarding pass is missing. Will Naira meet Kartik? 
Wednesday 28 November 2018

Episode 2230
Kartik misses his flight and decides to stay in a hotel. Naira overhears Gayatri telling her grandmother how much she loves Kartik. She regrets not telling the truth to Gayatri. How will she handle the situation?

Episode 2231
Naitik shares his concern about Gayu with Devyani and Kaveri. Soon, Mishti brings up Naman’s topic in front of Bua Dadi. Later, Varsha confronts Nannu and Kuhu about her suspicion, while Bua Dadi learns about Naman’s treachery.
Thursday 29 November 2018

Episode 2232
Naitik and Akshara console a depressed Gayu on Rashmi’s birthday. Naira decides to talk to Akshara about Kartik. Later, Bua Dadi criticises Naira while Akshara finds clues which suggest either Naira or Gayu is in love!

Episode 2233
When Akshara confronts her about Kartik; Gayu admits to being in love with him. But; Akshara and Naitik want to know about Kartik’s feelings for her. How will they find out?
Friday 30 November 2018

Episode 2234
Naira assures Rama that she will sacrifice her love for Gayu. Meanwhile; Kartik is anxiously waiting for Naira to call him. Will she?

Episode 2235
Rajshekhar introduces Bua Dadi to Kartik. Later, Kartik asks Naira whether she missed him. But Naira’s answer leaves him speechless!

Premiere episodes of Not Without My Family air on Star Life at 19h00 and 19h30 from Mondays to Saturdays.
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Trouble Looms! Fayose Moved To Lagos After Five Days in EFCC Abuja

Fayose Moved To Lagos After Five Days in EFCC Abuja

Trouble Looms! Fayose Moved To Lagos After Five Days in EFCC Abuja

Any moment from now, former governor of Ekiti State, Ayodele Fayose will arrive Lagos for proper prosecution.
The Economic and Financial Crime Commission (EFCC) made this known after Fayose spent five days in Abuja custody.

Fayose has been under severe interrogation at the headquarters of  EFCC, Abuja.

He reported himself to the commission barely 24 hours after handing over to his successor, Kayode Fayemi.
Fayose is under investigation.
Ayodele Fayose
For over N1.3billion allegedly received from the  office of  the former National Security Adviser, Sambo  Dansuki
Fayose received the funds through  Senator Musiliu Obanikoro in the build-up to the 2014 governorship election in Ekiti State.
He has since debunked the allegation but admitted knowing Obanikoro and his associate, Abiodun Agbele, who allegedly bought six choice mansions for him in Lagos and Abuja.
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Bobrisky Hosts James(They Didn’t Caught Me), Gives Him 100K

Bobrisky Hosts James(They Didn’t Caught Me), Gives Him 100K

Bobrisky Hosts James(They Didn’t Caught Me), Gives Him 100K

Nigerian cross dresser Okuneye Idris popularly known as Bobrisky yesterday met with new social media famous, James Brown.

James who became famous for speaking out about his HIV status on TV after a police raid at an alleged gay party met with the crossdresser at his home.
Earlier in the day the Crossdresser had shared his admiration for James and promised to give him whatever he asked for.

They were later seen dancing at the his home after he had given him 100k and promised him 200k monthly.

Followers of the Crossdresser have been showering with praise for his kind gesture towards James.

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Saturday, April 21, 2018

Best Video Highlight: Manchester United 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur [FA Cup] 2017/18

Best Video Highlight: Manchester United 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur [FA Cup] 2017/18

Manchester United 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur – Ander Herrera’s second-half strike sent Manchester United into the FA Cup final at the expense of Tottenham.

Best Video Highlight: Manchester United 2 – 1 Tottenham Hotspur [FA Cup] 2017/18

Manchester United came from behind to beat Tottenham 2-1 at Wembley on Saturday and secure their place in the FA Cup final.

Ander Herrera struck the winner midway through the second half, after Alexis Sanchez had cancelled out an opening goal from Dele Alli.
United lost on their league visit to Spurs this season after falling behind to an early goal and it looked like Mauricio Pochettino’s side could repeat the feat when Alli turned home Christian Eriksen’s cross.
This time, however, Jose Mourinho’s men responded, with former Arsenal star Sanchez scoring for the eighth time in eight appearances at England’s national stadium to draw his side level.
With the match finely balanced, Herrera blasted home following a quick United break forward to hand his side victory in their record-equalling 29th semi-final and secure a showdown with either Chelsea or Southampton.

The defeat ends Spurs’ hopes of silverware for another season and means they have now lost eight times in a row at this stage of the competition.
Spurs led after 11 seconds of their Premier League win over United at Wembley in January, and they needed only 11 minutes to go 1-0 up on this occasion.
Eriksen raced onto a long ball down the United left, with Ashley Young caught well out of position, and he crossed for Alli to tap home on the stretch at the far post.
Mourinho looked a frustrated figure on the touchline, but his team got the response they needed 24 minutes in, when Paul Pogba, having robbed Mousa Dembele near the Spurs box, curled in a fine cross from the left that Sanchez headed past the static Michel Vorm.

The hectic early pace began to drop towards the end of a very balanced first half, although Pogba had a dipping effort tipped wide by Vorm and Eric Dier’s low drive smacked the base of the left-hand post after taking a deflection.
It was United who made the most of the next good chance, though, 17 minutes into the second half. Sanchez gathered the ball down the left and squared it to Romelu Lukaku, Jesse Lingard let his pass run and Herrera drilled beneath Vorm from the edge of the area.
Mourinho’s side threatened to move two goals clear, with Vorm saving well from Pogba and Lukaku, before dropping deep to keep Spurs frustrated in the closing minutes and send the travelling fans into raptures at the final whistle.

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Board Pays Arsene Wenger £11m To Quit Arsenal 1 Year Early

Board Pays Arsene Wenger £11m To Quit Arsenal 1 Year Early

Board Pays Arsene Wenger £11m To Quit Arsenal 1 Year Early

Wenger did not want to leave the club he loves, so the Gunners were forced to pay the final year of his salary in full.

Arsenal are desperate to get back in the Champions League and hope the announcement will galvanise disaffected fans before their showdown against Atletico Madrid.
Board members and Wenger were all singing from the same hymn sheet yesterday.

Chief executive Ivan Gazidis heaped praise on Wenger for his incredible 22 years which brought three titles, seven FA Cups and that Invincibles season in 2003/2004.
Gazidis would not be drawn on the talks which led to the Frenchman’s imminent departure.
But Wenger is understood to be unhappy and frustrated at both the speed and timing of the departure.
He has always vowed to see out his contracts and had a year left to run, while the club previously stated he would stay on.
But a carefully-worded statement was released by Arsenal and Wenger hours before Gazidis met the press.
Wenger called his staff yesterday morning to inform them of the decision and the players were called into training early.
A meeting at 9.45am was the first the Gunners stars knew of the decision, just two days before the clash with West Ham which will be Wenger’s 824th Prem game. The ‘Wenger Out’ brigade had finally got their way.
Arsenal shareholder Alisher Usmanov said: “It’s a day of great sadness.”
Wenger is likely to open talks with Paris-Saint Germain, where a director of football role might be available, and former club Monaco.
Juventus chief Max Allegri is a top target for Arsenal and they have spoken with ex-Barcelona boss Luis Enrique.
Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers wants the job.
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Uzoho Concedes 17th Goal As Deportivo Fabril Lose At Home

Uzoho Concedes 17th Goal As Deportivo Fabril Lose At Home

Uzoho Concedes 17th Goal As Deportivo Fabril Lose At Home

Super Eagles goalkeeper, Francis Uzoho, conceded three goals while in action for RC Deportivo Fabril in Saturday’s 3-1 home defeat to Celta Vigo B in the Spanish Segunda B Group 1, reports.

Uzoho who was making his 22nd appearance for the club has now conceded 17 goals, and kept 12 clean sheets for RC Deportivo Fabril.
Efe Ambrose helped his Scottish League side, Hibernian FC record a 2-1 win over Celtic in the Scottish Premier League at Easter Road on Saturday. The defeat delayed Celtic’s title triumph.
The win was the first for the Hibs over Celtic since December 2012, and it was the third time that Brendan Rodgers’ side has lost in the league this season.
Ambrose has made 34 SPL appearances for the Hibs this season.
In Turkey, Shehu Abdulahi made his 12th appearance for Bursaspor in their 4-1 away win at Karabukspor.
The Nigeria international was yellow carded in the 72nd minute of the ill-tempered encounter that saw seven yellow cards and a red card issued.
His compatriots, William Troost Ekong and Mikel Agu were unused substitutes in the encounter. It was the second game in a row that the pair were left out of the starting lineup.
William Troost Ekong has made 25 appearances for the club scoring twice while Mikel Agu has 22 games under his belt scoring twice as well.
Ogenyi Onazi was not included in Trabzonspor’s side that lost 2-0 at home to Sivasspor. Onazi has made 18 league appearances for Trabzonspor this term.
Sammy Ameobi played all 90 minutes for Bolton Wanderers who slumped to a 4-0 defeat at home to English Premier League bound side, Wolverhampton Wanderers.
The game was Ameobi’s 33rd of the season. Bolton remains two points clear of the relegation zone, in 21st position, with 40 points from 44 games.
Ola Aina played for 44 minutes before he was replaced by Fikayo Tomori in Hull City’s 5-5 draw with Bristol City. The game was Aina’s 44th appearance this season for Hull in the English Championship.
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Bode George Should Apologise To Yemi Obasanjo - Oyinlola

Bode George Should Apologise To Yemi Obasanjo - Oyinlola

Bode George Should Apologise To Yemi Obasanjo - Oyinlola

The former governor of Osun State, Prince Olagunsoye Oyinlola, has advised the former Deputy National Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party, Chief Olabode George, to seek forgiveness from former President Olusegun Obasanjo and stop attacking his benefactor.

Oyinlola stated this on Saturday in reaction to a recent interview by George where he described Obasanjo’s Coalition for Nigeria Movement as a deceit and waste of time while attacking its promoters.
Oyinlola, who described George as his senior whom he respected, however, took exceptions to the PDP chieftain’s attack on leaders of the CNM, in which Obasanjo is a key member. He counselled George to, as a Yoruba man, know that it was uncharitable to be rude to a senior citizen like Obasanjo, who was his benefactor.
Oyinlola said, “Rather than attack current efforts at rebuilding Nigeria, I will advise Chief Bode George to retrace his steps and queue up in the CNM. I say so because, whatever he is today in politics is a product of Obasanjo’s magnanimous efforts.
“In the same vein, I state without any fear of contradiction that if Obasanjo has ten enemies today in Nigeria, Chief Bode George made eight for him— if not the whole lot. So, I plead with him to go back to Obasanjo and seek forgiveness.
“I am also interested in that part of his statement where he described the CNM as a waste of time and a deceit by its promoters. I must say that I was surprised that someone of Chief Bode George’s pedigree and training would hastily write off a project carefully planned by seasoned minds.
“The CNM is a reaction to the inadequacies of the system we have. It is not a waste of time and cannot be a waste of time. It is designed to rescue Nigeria and build a new generation of leaders for our country.”
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One Fear Dead As Masqueraders Attack Church in Anambra State

One Fear Dead As Masqueraders Attack Church in Anambra State

Some masqueraders attacked the Holy Ghost Adoration Ministry, Ukeh, Idemili South Local Government Area of Anambra State on Friday night.

Sunday Punch gathered that the masqueraders allegedly invaded the worship ground in droves, beat up members and attempted to whisk away the Spiritual Director of the centre, Rev Fr. Emmanuel Obimma.
One person was feared dead in the attack while about 30 others sustained injuries.
The Police Public Relations Officer in the state, Nkeiruka Nwode, confirmed the incident.
She said three suspects had been arrested in connection with the attack.
She, however, denied that the masqueraders attacked the police officers from the Special Anti-Robbery Squad who intervened.
Sunday Punch gathered that the masqueraders were celebrating the ‘Uzo Iyi festival.
A source, who spoke on condition of anonymity said, “The leadership of the church called the SARS operatives to protect worshippers. On arrival, the operatives arrested three masqueraders who were involved in the extortion, but their colleagues attempted to stop them from taking the arrested masqueraders away, prompting SARS operatives to shoot into the air before taking them away.”
But a personal assistant to Obimma, Mr. Francis Okoye, told Sunday Punch that a Catholic Priest, Rev. Father Henry Nnajiofor, a seminarian and 28 others were injured during the attack on the worshippers.
He said, “When the SARS left, they regrouped and came in large numbers to the Adoration premises, beating everybody, including the elderly, the sick and pregnant women.
“Our youths, in defence, pursued them and arrested one masquerader who was handed over to the officials of the Nigerian Army that came to our rescue.”
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Sunday, April 1, 2018

Download Music Mp3: DJ Neptune - BBNaija 2018 Party Mixtape

BBNaija 2018 Party Mixtape By Dj Neptune
Download Music Mp3 DJ Neptune - BBNaija 2018 Party Mixtape

Download Music Mp3 DJ Neptune - BBNaija 2018 Party Mixtape. The much talked – about enthralling performance from Nigerian International disc jockey DJ Neptune at the Big Brother Naija Saturday night party has had everyone still basking in the euphoria of his magical performance. Upon his introductory jingle, appearance and opening track, you are compelled to move, nod and hum along to every song on DJ Neptune’s playlist.
DJ Neptune boomed his mix while churning out infectious tracks through the speakers, and indeed the BBNaija housemates needed no persuading to glide onto the dance floor to the frenzied African music.
Download DJ Neptune BBNaija 2018 House Party Mix;

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Omg!! GrandMa Badly Burns Her Grandchild For Eating Indomie Against Her Wish [Graphic Photos]

A woman has been arrested following a reported case of extreme violence against her grandchild. According to reports, the little girl’s hands were placed in a gas stove by her grandmother until her hands got badly burnt because the hungry girl ate Indomie noodles against her grandmother’s wish. The sad incident happened some days ago in Benin city, Edo state.

A well meaning Nigerian who witnessed the incident reported the case to the Edo State Ministry of Women Affairs and the Ministry has stepped in, arrested the grand mother and have taken the child to UBTH for prompt medical care and attention.
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[18+] OMG! For The 2nd Time, Davido Naked Pictures Surfaced Online (See Photos)

Davido Naked Pictures Surfaced Online

Nigerian musician Davido was in Ghana and barely 24 hours into his stay, his bedroom picture of a Ghanian lady have leaked online.
The girl was seen licking Davido’s tattoo while he was asleep and another pictures shows Davido’s hands on the pants of the lady.
To Avoid Any Complaints and Petitions, We couldn’t upload the Adult pictures on our server.. Please Bare With Us

Click HERE To See Photos (18+)

OBO Why you again…
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#BBNaija: Don Jazzy Stacks Praise On Bambam, Teddy An in Spite Of Eviction

Bambam and Teddy A may have been evicted from the #BBNaija Double Wahala, but their performances in the house have earned them critical acclaim.
Mavin Records boss, Don Jazzy on Sunday evening praised the duo as “mad talented” and “ready for the industry”.
In a tweet, Jazzy, who is reputed for spotting such talents as Reekado Banks and Korede Bello, said, “Bam and Teddy will be very fine she. win or no win. they are mad talented and ready for the industry. #bbnaija

Teddy A had cried on Saturday night when his strategic partner and lover Bambam was evicted.
He was also evicted on Sunday night.
See tweet:

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